The Deadlies

ResidentBand was fortunate enough to be witness to THE DEADLIES (AKA The Neon Tigers) from the beginning. In 2008, when lead singer Troy Herrera and guitarist Joz Ramirez (Overnight Lows) first joined forces, they started sending ResidentBand rough mixes of their demos to take a listen to. With Troy’s high energy, yet angsty pained vocals and Joz’s talent for well structured songs, those first demos had us hooked. Since those early days, Joz’s 5 star guitar skills have been complimented by the addition of stylish Yutaka on bass and drummer Briar searing deep sounds into your brain. Shortly after their debut EP was released in 2010, said “many DJs and critics have already tipped the album as the best new band debut of 2010.” With their 2nd EP ready for release, and adoring fans anxiously awaiting their new music, the band suddenly split for unstated reasons.  Guitarist / Producer Joz Ramirez went on to form the band Los Angelics, lead-singer Troy Herrera went on to lead This Machine Kills Zombies, and bassist Yutaka Sao joined The Superjoys.

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