Seth Freeman

From Manhattan to Santa Fe to Baton Rouge to Teaneck, New Jersey, Seth Freeman had been all over the country before middle school. He started singing and writing songs as a kid, and never stopped. He has written songs in dreams, on walks with dogs, or sitting with the guitar.

After leaving New Jersey, Freeman spent a number of years in Boston, where he graduated from Berklee School of Music, and got his main guitar, a unique vintage Gibson SG Special, for only 180 bucks off a guy from the Want Ad Press (this was pre-Craigslist era). It was out of Boston that he was signed to EMI America Records with his band Little John and toured up and down the east coast. The band parted ways amicably with EMI America Records two months before the company closed. Wanting to start fresh in a new city, the band moved to San Francisco to continue independently.

After a couple years in San Francisco with a new Little John lineup, Freeman landed in Los Angeles, where he has been pursuing his solo career ever since. Freeman has continued to write, record, and perform. He has also scored films, produced other artists, and had songs placed in movies and TV, as well as joining forces with other songwriters in the bands Still Spark and College Girlfriend.

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