L.A. Artist Directory

This is a directory of Los Angeles based bands and artists. If you would like your L.A. based band added to this directory, send your band or artist name, main website url, and a brief bio via this contact form.  Be sure to put “L.A. Artist Directory” in the subject line.

Ballerina Black (Radio Guest)
Bird Concerns (Radio Guest)
Bright Missiles (Radio Guest)
Bullet & Snowfox (Resident Artist, Radio Guest)
Dream Vacation (Radio Guest)
Forty Feet Tall (Resident Artist, Radio Guest)
Gaby Moreno (RB Guest Appearance)
Givers & Takers (Radio Guest)
Hunny (Radio Guest)
Island Apollo (Radio Guest)
Jules Larson (Resident Artist, Radio Guest)
Killola (Resident Artist, Radio Guest)
King Shelter (Radio Guest)
Kirsten Price (Resident Artist)
Laura Jean Anderson (Radio Guest)
Modern Huge (Radio Guest)
My Satellite (Radio Guest)
Name The Band (Radio Guest)
New Beat Fund (Radio Guest)

Of The Dark I Dare
Overnight Lows (Resident Artist)
OYLS (Radio Guest)
Paper Pilots (Radio Guest)
Patrick Joseph (Radio Guest)
Peligro (Radio Guest)
Sad Robot
Sarah Dashew (Radio Guest)
Seth Freeman (Resident Artist, Radio Guest)
Soren Bryce (Radio Guest)
Stefano Capobianco (Radio Guest)
Still Spark (Resident Artist)
Strange Imperial
Sure Sure
Synyster Syster / Esli Sugich (Radio Guest)
The Attic Ends (Radio Guest)
The Big Gone
The Bomb (Radio Guest)
The Deadlies (Resident Artist)
The Black Heartthrobs
The Dollyrots
The Modern Age
The Strands
The Two Tens (Radio Guest)
The Young Wild (Radio Guest)
Trapdoor Social (Radio Guest)
Veers (Radio Guest)
Vital Noise
Wake Up Lucid
Wildcat! Wildcat!
Young Creatures