This is the band that started it all. Back in August of 2008, ResidentBand was launched with Killola as its first Resident Artist. Killola is a fiercely independent band who has foraged through uncharted territories to invent Do It Yourself strategies to remain self-sufficient and in control of their career.

Killola’s DIY efforts to garner attention are endless and include highlights such as playing shows in strip clubs, granting free-admission to shows to those with Killola tattoos, and achieving the world’s first live performance via an album. The later being achieved by streaming real-time video of a live performance to a secret hidden page embedded in every updatable USB Dog-Tag version of their Let’s Get Associated album.

Killola’s sound is a slow brewed stew of pop, punk, garage rock, and electronica that boils over during live shows, staining old and new fans for life. The band maintains a widespread, global fan base thanks to multiple self-produced releases, free downloads, heavy internet presence, and relentless touring.

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