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Our pilot episode of our animated web series Drunk Band is now on Funny or Die. In this series, we intoxicate our guests, interview them about being an independent DIY artist, then animate their answers. In this episode we ask singer-songwriter Stefano Capobianco the question, “Should You Give Your Music Away for Free?” Sometimes informative… sometimes irreverent… always a bit silly.

Once you’ve watched the video, don’t forget to vote “Funny” or “Die.”  Watch and vote here.

Visit Stefano Capobianco.

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“I Won’t Run” by Forty Feet Tall

Here is a new video ResidentBand made for Forty Feet Tall’s song “I Won’t Run.” Performed acoustic on slide guitar by lead singer Cole Gann.

We first came upon Los Angeles based independent band Forty Feet Tall in August 2014 at DL Music‘s 20th year anniversary party. The band, who has a licensing deal through DL Music, was performing at the event. After the first couple songs of their set, I thought to myself, “they sound like some of my favorite classic rock bands, but current at the same time.” Later, I found that I was not the only one feeling this way, having heard others compare the band’s bluesy rock sound to Jack White, The Black Keys, and Led Zeppelin.

“Forty Feet Tall are the rock band missing from this generation.” – Infectious Magazine

The amazing thing about their new-classic sound is that it is coming from a band so young. They recorded their first album in 2014 while 4 of the 5 members were still in high school… well kinda… being that the entire band has been homeschooled up until college. On top of that odd fact, two of the band mates are brothers and the entire band has been friends for most of their lives.

Having already begun to carve out a loyal following in the Los Angeles scene by playing shows at venues including The Troubadour, Club Nokia, The Roxy, and the Grammy Museum, Forty Feet Tall has entered a new chapter in their journey as music makers by keeping their band going strong while they are all away at various colleges spread around the west coast. When asked how they continually churn out new songs while being apart, they simply reply “without this whole internet thing we’d pretty much be out of the band business.” Fortunately for fans everywhere, business is good for Forty Feet Tall. In early 2016, the band released a new EP entitled “Red Dressed” and had their song “No Control” placed in the hit HBO series Shameless (season 6, episode 5).

Forty Feet Tall is:
Cole Gann (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Jack Sehres (Guitar)
Charlie Sehres (Keyboard)
Guy Moore (Bass)
Steven Driscoll (Drums)

Visit Forty Feet Tall.

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L.A. Pop Punk Royalty Are at It Again

The Dollyrots

Los Angeles pop punk royalty, Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas of The Dollyrots, are at it again. Yes, this couple are expecting a daughter this November, but that’s not even what I’m talking about. Before the birth of their new family member, they’re going to write and record their 6th studio album. Sounds crazy right? Not really. The Dollyrots have proven time and time again that they can’t be stopped. Previously, they continued to push new content out to fans, and even tour, as they brought their son, River, into the world.

The Dollyrots are a great example of what can be done independently on your own terms. They just launched their PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of the new album, and in the first 24 hours had their project 50% funded. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Their willingness to be transparent and let people into their lives has created loyal fans who repeatedly support them. With two months left in their PledgeMusic campaign, it seems inevitable that they will get their project fully funded.

So what does it take to successfully fund a project through PledgeMusic? I don’t know if there is an exact recipe, but as a pledger to their current campaign and a previous campaign, I can say that The Dollyrots certainly know some of the ingredients that work. They’ve got tons of great incentives and cool merch to choose from, keep pledgers informed with lots of personal updates, and often include exclusive freebies. Just today, only 24 hours into their campaign, they gave away to their pledgers a fantastic unreleased acoustic recording of their song “Because I’m Awesome.”

So make a pledge to their campaign and support these independent artists. Once you’ve pledged and obtained an AccessPass, you’ll get the opportunity to follow their campaign and see what they do to be successful when crowdfunding. And the best part is… It’s The Dollyrots! Rock on.

Visit The Dollyrots PledgeMusic campaign page.

Visit The Dollyrots website.

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Sustainability Meets Art

Trapdoor Social Solar Trailer

When Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met each other in the Environmental Analysis Program at Pomona College, they had no idea that they would be following a career path in music. Now years later, their environmental education background has melded with their love of performing music, resulting in the band Trapdoor Social which is a champion of sustainability.

In addition to Graves and Funk, the band also includes Patrick Griffen, Ben Ebert, and Louie Gonzalez, who have all been working hard to create a band that can be an outlet for their musical passions, but also act as a platform from which to send a message about climate change, as well as well as other causes.

Their music has been the soundtrack for various social campaigns they’ve done, including raising $35k of solar roofing, which they donated to Los Angeles based Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. Another Trapdoor Social effort raised $7k for an underfunded band program at Mesa Ridge High School, via their song “Fine On My Own,” which they recorded with the school’s marching band.

True to their environmental lifework, Trapdoor Social’s album release party this Friday will be solar powered using their own solar trailer which they tow to shows. The show will also feature Los Angeles based bands Dream Vacation and 222. Come out and support music with a mission.

Trapdoor Social Album Release Party
Date: July 22, 2016
Place: Club Fais Do-Do
Address:  5257 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
Time: 7PM
All Ages

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Get a Triple Dose of L.A. Band Dream Vacation

It’s a good week when you find three opportunities to catch a performance by the Los Angeles based super-talented band Dream Vacation.

First, listen to Dream Vacation on The ResidentBand Radio Show today (7/20) from 5-7pm PST.  We will be re-airing Dream Vacation’s visit with us from earlier this year, including their live in studio acoustic performance of “Hidden Life” & “Warning Fall.”

Then head on over to see Dream Vacation live Thursday (7/21) at Los Globos in Silver Lake (L.A.).  More info here.

Friday (7/22), Dream Vacation will be performing with Trapdoor Social at Club Fais Do-Do in in Mid City L.A..  This will be Trapdoor Social’s solar powered album release party.  More info here.

Added bonus… here’s Dream Vacation’s new video for their song “Press Play.”


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