Badflower • Seriously Dynamic Frontman

I had the chance to catch Badflower a while back at the Bootleg in Los Angeles, and what I was truly struck by was lead singer Josh Katz’s ability to be authentic.  This authenticity became even more awe-inspiring to me after I researched the band a bit and found out that Katz often chooses to write by putting himself in other’s shoes, and expressing what he would be like as that person.  Whether his power on stage comes from his ability to be empathetic, or his acting chops allowing him to morph into multiple characters, Katz is a front man who is seriously dynamic.  In this video for their song “Soap,” Katz transforms himself into a rude catcalling man, something he claims he can’t understand.

Badflower is playing live at The Satellite in Silver Lake (Los Angeles) on Monday, April 20th. Don’t miss it… it is going to be a great line up of bands including Dorothy, The Golden Hippie, and DAMEHT.

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